Agriculture is depended on different factors, such as soils (quality, water retention capacity, organic matter content), weather (intra-seasonal as well as inter-annual climatic variability) and agro-management decisions (such as date of sowing, irrigation, fertilizing, tilling). Weather surely plays crucial role during the crop growth seasons. Severe weather can impact crop growth by affecting different bio-physiological processes. The impact on crop growth depends on the nature of extreme weather event, the crop type and time when it occurs. Detrimental impact of extreme weather events may be alleviated by taking timely and appropriate preventive measures to cope with the nature and intensity of these weather events.

Agrometeorological applications

We offer you broad range of agrometeorological applications:

  • warning system which provides general and crop specific warning on expectation of severe weather event
  • irrigation modelling
  • calculation of different drought indices (SPI, PDSI)
  • modelling of plant diseases and pest occurrence
  • modeling of various plant indicators with the aim to identify plants under stress (e.g. nutrient deficiency, pest/disease occurrence)
  • etc.

Warning system

We offer you general (e.g. extremely high or low air temperatures, extreme precipitation, strong winds, hail) and crop specific warnings(e.g. drought, heat wave, frost kill) for severe weather events based on weather forecast (with possibiliby of integrating also meteoalarm and remote sensing data).

Irrigation modelling

We offer you application for advising on irrigation timing and amount of water applied based on:

  • your tensiometer measurements or water balance model
  • phenological stage (modeled or provided)
  • rain forecast

The main idea behind is to optimize the use of water with regard to sensitivity of crop to drought stress in different stages of phenological development and with regard to expected rainfall.

Remote sensing products

We offer you analysis of different freely available remote sensing products for agriculture (fAPAR, FVC, LAI,NDVI,VCI,VPI) on 1 km resolution.

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